Music plays an important role in many aspects of human life - including death, dying and bereavement.

From the therapeutic use of music in End of Life care, to the meaning we place in funeral music, and the ways in which music and song can help us deal with the overwhelming emotions that occur when we are grieving, music's relationship with death is deep and multifaceted.

LIFE. DEATH. MUSIC. is a project that explores the different ways that music is used in relation to death and grief throughout different Ages, Countries and Cultures. We also aim to use music as a tool to create meaningful dialogue around death and dying - a topic that affects us all but still causes unease for many people. 

"The changing role of music in expressions of grief and mourning throughout history and in different cultures, reflects the changing attitude of society towards life and death itself"

Davidson & Garrido


"By encountering death many thousands of times, I have come to a view that there is usually little to fear and much to prepare for." 

Dr. Kathryn Mannix

Improving our death literacy can not only help us lead a more purposeful life, but will also allow us to have realistic knowledge of the processes around death and dying, meaning we might be better equipped to deal with some of the emotional and practical issues that can arise at end of life.  By failing to talk about death and dying, people can be left guessing what their loved one's wishes might be regarding End of Life care. or what they might want for their Funeral. Of course, facing our mortality is a undoubtedly a difficult prospect but death will happen whether we talk about it or not, so surely it's better to be at least a little prepared?

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Since 2014 we've been providing music workshops and peer support groups for a range of people including those nearing end of life, their loved ones and carers, and anyone who has been bereaved.

Whether it's learning an instrument, taking part in songwriting workshops, or simply sitting with a tea or coffee and chatting about favourite music, we aim to offer ability-appropriate musical activities in a welcoming and relaxed environment. 


Do you have a story of how music has helped you deal with grief? Was music a major feature in a funeral for a loved one?  Do you have big plans for your own End of Life Ceremony? Get in touch and let us know!