Toronto is a city full of beautiful parks and gardens, but this special little haven located down at the waterfront is especially lovely - and a great place to visit if you're a music enthusiast. 

Nicknamed 'Cello Park' by locals, the idea for the park was born out of a film series called 'Inspired by Bach' by the world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma who helped design the space in collaboration with award-winning landscape architect Julie Moir Messervy, Although it may not be noticeable when first entering the park, the entire layout has a specific purpose, with the curving paths guiding visitors through six distinct garden sections each designed to evoke the emotions of the six movements of Bach's Suite No. 1 in G Major for unaccompanied cello. 

The first section "Prelude"  winds around granite boulders and Hackberry trees before moving onto "Allemande", a miniature forest of Birch trees. Wildflower meadows represent the third movement, "Courante", while the essence of "Sarabande" is captured through a winding grove of fragrant conifer trees. The fifth movement "Menuett" is represented by an ornate iron Music Pavilion and, lastly, "Gigue" (or the jig) leads you back out onto the broad steps of an open-air public amphitheatre, next to a lovely willow tree. This is also a perfect spot to watch any of the free music performances put on as part of the city's Summer Music In The Garden project. 

The design for this music garden was originally planned for Boston, but the city cancelled the project. The idea was then picked up by Toronto Mayor, Barbara Hall, who proposed that the garden would be a welcome addition to her city, And what a great decision that was! This beautifully curated space just feels as if it belongs in Toronto, and has become a valuable addition to the harbourfront area.