'Where words fail, music speaks'

This Hans Christian Anderson quote - and variations of it  -  often gets shared online. The reason it resonates with people so much is because it's true. Songs can often help us process emotions, while lyrics can describe what we're feeling when we can't quite find the language ourselves. 

Here you can find some of our favourite songs and music videos that focus on the topics of death and grief.  

Bear Bones - The Garden 

This song perfectly captures some of the emotions and feelings that can arise when we grieve and the struggles of having to go on without the person you love. For example; the contemplation of getting older and facing our own mortality, the change of smell and atmosphere in the house, the frustration with life and the desire to give up, the reluctance to move a loved ones clothes or make changes. the occasional moments when you are unable to grasp the fact that your loved one is actually gone.  Read more here. 

Hollerado - So It Goes

This ten minute mini documentary/music video sees Menno Versteeg, lead singer of Canadian band Hollerado, discuss writing this song after his Grandfather's death. He also tells a fascinating tale of his Grandfather's experiences during WW2 as a member of the Dutch resistance. After being captured and sentenced to death, his life was saved by a German Officer, whose own life was then saved in return by Menno's Grandfather who testified on behalf of the German when he was on trial and facing execution after the War. 

Do you have a favourite song that relates to death or grief? 

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