As someone who travels on a tight budget, it's not often I get to stay in a hotel that has its own rehearsal and recording studios. However The Music City Hotel in San Francisco offers very affordable accommodation - and what's more, residents get to use their studios for free! There's also a major discount on instrument hire and the opportunity to attend live events and watch local bands practising in the studio space.

With names such as 'the Janis Joplin Room', 'the Tupac Room' and 'the Summer of Love Suite', the music theme permeates through the whole hotel. The corridors act as a museum, with collections of artwork and photos showcasing the rich history of music in San Francisco and each piece featuring an original tribute written by local voices in the music industries. Located outside the entrance to the hostel is the 'Walk of Fame', a nicely done patchwork brick pavement that honours many of the local music legends.

Music City is the vision of Rudy Colombini, a native San Franciscan with a deep love of music. The Hotel is just one part of the Music City brand which includes the San Francisco Music Walk of Fame, a live music venue, a restaurant and cafe, a recording studio, an Internet TV station, rehearsal studios, and educational facilities. According to Colombini, the mission of the Music City project is to 'nurture a cultural ecosystem that allows musicians and other performance artists to live, grow, and thrive in the Bay Area.'

Staying at the hotel gives a great opportunity to meet local bands and learn about the underground music scene. Even for those staying in different accommodation, it's still possible to hire a studio or see bands perform while getting a taste of local music culture. Some people have commented that it's located in a 'grungy' part of town but I actually really liked the location. Polk Street is half a block away and filled with interesting shops, and it's only a short walk to the gorgeous buildings and views from nearby Nob Hill and Japantown. With plenty of public transport options nearby, it's easy to get around to most places in the City from here.

For any music enthusiasts visiting San Francisco, it's definitely worth checking this place out. I had a fun and interesting stay - and it's always good to support a business whose ethos is to celebrate new and upcoming musicians!

Location: Music City , 1353 Bush St, San Francisco