Here at Music on the Brain, we're interested in all matters relating to music and song. 

As well as promoting music that we're passionate about via our blog, digital label, music festival and live events, we also take a keen interest in music research, including the role of music in health and wellbeing, and the ways in which music can contribute to our identity. By visiting interesting music locations, and talking to fellow musicians and music enthusiasts from around the world, we hope to learn what music means to people from various backgrounds and in different contexts. 

Through our Life.Death.Music. project we explore the multifaceted relationship between music and death while also trying to encourage more open conversations about death and grief. 

Any profits from our activities go towards developing community music initiatives and delivering music-related peer support services for people dealing with a range of conditions - particularly those who are nearing end of life, and anyone who has experienced a bereavement. 


Music on the Brain was established by Laura Seils in honour of her mum, Helen Denovan, who died from Brain Cancer (GBM4) in December 2014, The project initially kicked off with a community music festival called Go-Rock which featured 40 bands playing over 5 stages and raised several thousand pounds for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Charity. Since then we have gone on to collaborate with many exciting unsigned and independent musicians from around the World through our festivals, live events and label while raising funds for charities such as The Brain Tumour Charity and Teenage Cancer Trust. We've also worked with various hospitals, hospices, community groups, and individuals to provide songwriting workshops and music support groups for people affected by life-limiting illnesses and those who have been bereaved. 

We strongly support any initiative that works to raise awareness of brain tumours and the unique set of circumstances that brain tumour patients - and their loved ones - are faced with. For more information or support regarding brain tumours check out Brain Tumour Research and The Brain Tumour Charity.  

Listen to some of Helen's favourite songs here.

"I know first hand how important music can be when dealing with a serious illness. Music on the Brain sounds like a great project."

Andrew McMahon - Emmy nominated musician and founder of The Dear Jack Foundation. 


We love discovering new music - and always welcome connecting with other people who do too! If you would like to submit music or become involved in any of our projects, please fill in the form or reach out to us through any of our social media channels.